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Edward Frederick CLAYSON [c.1884-1941]

Edward Frederick
c.1884-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
c.1941-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Other reference: 
brother of Herbert Sidney Clayson

Edward Frederick Clayson appears on a number of Hong Kong Jurors lists. He is shown as "Assistant, E. D. Sassoon & Co., Ld.

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Edward F Clayson age 31 contractor sailed from Liverpool to USA in 1913 accompanied by wife Mary Ann Clayson age 32 and James Edward Clayson age 1. He gave his country of intended future residence as USA

Records show him in Chicago and naturalised up to 1940. Passport application 1912 gave his parents as Alwyne and Elizabeth Clayson and his date of birth as 6 March 1881 Brafield Northants UK He married Mary Ann Tailby 3 December 1910.

There are no other records in UK birth records of an Edward Frederick or Edward F Clayson born around 1882

Carl Smith Card 36477 refers to Will 264/1941/5028  Edward Frederick Clayson a clerk of Prince Edward Road Kowloon and wife Chan Ngoi Lin executrix "for education and maintenance of my children" dated 13 May 1941.

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Hi Kathy, I've made a page for H C Clayson under your name at https://gwulo.com/node/45043

You've noted Edward Frederick and Herbert Sidney were brothers. Looking at the difference in the ages of those two, could it be Edward and H C that were brothers instead?

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Hi David

Thanks for making the new page - I'm just not sure yet - brother or uncle (??)

I also have Frederick Clayson Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Customs HK died 31/03/1913. WH Clayson Coast Guard Commissioner Kowloon died October 1890. Still figuring out how they fit and if any connection with HC Clayson.



Hello Annpake

what if Edward was born in China to English father and Chinese mother - would it be recorded anywhere?

He married Oi Lin CHOW around 1939 in Hong Kong - they had 7 children between 1932-1939. And he died in Hong Kong around 1940 - would there be a record of this? and record of his will mentioned on the Carl Smith card?

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The Carl Smith card shows 2 dates 29 October 1940 which could be when he made the will or when died and the second date was 13 May 1941 which was most likely when probate was granted.

There is an Edward Clayson birth registered in the June quarter of 1881 in Hardingstone. This contains the Bradfield civil parish in Northamptonshire. The location and birthdate fits so likely it’s him. The only way to confirm is to order the birth certificate. 

The middle name Frederick may have been added later e.g. at the time of baptism.




The Edward Clayson who was born in Bradfield, Northamptonshire, UK on 6th March 1881 died in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA 27th November 1945 and buried 30th November 1945 in Elmhurst, Addison, Illinois. This same Edward Clayson was married to Mary Tailby and had parents Alwyne Clayson and Elizabeth Clayson (nee Hollowell) and children James Edward Clayson (birth 18th September 1911, Chicago) and Mary Alice Clayson (birth 9th July 1914, Chicago). And his occupation was listed as Truck body builder. This Edward Clayson has no middle name. Probably not the right guy!

There is a Frederick Edward Clayson (names reversed) birth registered in March quarter of 1897 in Bridge, Kent but he died in Tonbridge, Kent in 1966.

What are the years of the appearance of your Edward Frederick Clayson on the Jurors lists?

There's a mention of him in the Gazette supplement for 01-Aug-1941:

1941 Clayson probate.jpg
1941 Clayson probate.jpg, by Admin


In addition to his English name he also used a couple of different Chinese names, so I guess he was Eurasian.  (Both of the Chinese names look like they were chosen to sound like "Clayson".)

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thank you so much for all your info - its just great.

Jurors lists are: 1912, 1913, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924. Always 'Assistant - E.D. Sassoon & Co'. He retired around then so not showing up any further. Wonder where he went 1914/1915? Was talk that he enlisted WWI but haven't been able to search HK military records.

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Wow  - thank you so much. What an awesome document!!! Have found him on a schools list this morning by searching Ng - thank you. Kathy