Do you recognise this location circa 1964

Sat, 12/08/2018 - 08:22
Date picture taken
12 Mar 1964


This one will be almost impossible to pin down exactly given the lack of distinguishing landmarks. But seeing as the previous photo shows the gentleman along the Tai Po Road, it's likely this may be another section of of it. It reminds me of the section that passes Wong Yi Au as you come into Tai Po Market but I have no idea what it would've looked like in the 1960's.

Greetings.  The ridgeline to the right of moddsey's photo agrees very well with Knk's photo.  From ground level, Knk's photo could not capture the more distant hills.

Knk's photo might not have been taken from the front of the hotel, [edited] considering the line of sight of the two photos.  Regards,  Peter       

Well done to moddsey for spotting that rather distinct ridge line at the back. I wonder then if this is by the turn off to Keng Hau Road? This would place it about a further 1km down the road from the Tai Po Lookout.