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UA-Citygate Cinema / UA 東薈城戲院 [2000-2016]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Seating capacity: 4 screens, total 1,142.

Address: 20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

UA-Citygate Cinema operated during the period December 2000 - September 18, 2016.  [Edit: November 7, 2018: Please see update provided by reader in the discussion section below.]

UA-Citygate Cinema operated in a commercial complex called Citygate which opened for business in April 2000.  It comprises a shopping centre, an office tower and a hotel.  The entire complex was built on reclaimed land and was close to the fairly new Chek Lap Kok International Airport.  According to the Wikipedia source, the multi-screen cinema was the first in Hong Kong with its own bar located inside the cinema.

The Wikipedia's site listed below provides a fairly up-to-date status of the complex.  I believe its remote location relative to urban centres may be the factor in the recent closing of many business including the cinema.  Discussions are underway (late 2016 news) among city officials and business community to rebuild the place including a new theatre.




Talking of recent closures, I found that the UA cinema in the Citiplaza shopping mall in Taikoo Shing got all boarded up literally two days ago.  I hope they are just renovating, otherwise we may just have found ourselves the latest entry into your database.



Thanks for the update breskvar.  I wonder what they are going to do with the bar.  Regards, Peter 

Confirm UA Taikoo Shing is shut. New 'concept' coming Q3.

Meanwhile, Cityplaza's UA Cinema will be closing in February next year. The void will be filled by Broadway Cinema's new concept branch MOViE MOViE, which comprises six wide screen houses and a well-furnished VIP house. The developer said the new cinema will also serve as a venue for film festivals, lifestyle workshops and cultural events.


Another source

Hi Herostratus, thanks for the update.

Cinema Treasures just posted a new page informing on the UA Citiplaza Taikoo Shing closing on February 23, 2017. .  I have just created a new place-page using its information.  Please clarify about "Cityplaza's UA Cinema will be closing in February next year" - which cinema are you referring to?   Regards,  Peter 

Hi OldTimer

The article refers to the UA citiplaza cinema in Taikoo Shing. It was written late 2016 hence the 'February next year' comment. 



What is it with UA cinemas?  It seems that they are in full scale retreat with closures everywhere.  Does anyone know about their business? 


Hi there,

It would likely to have something to do with the respective land lords and/or the lease contract as these days, the company running the cinemas do not usually own the alloted space.

As for the group of cinemas in Tung Chung, they were closed owing to shopping mall expension.  The previous food court was also closed for the same reason.  I believe there will be a new group of cinemas when the new building next door is completed with the mall extended.  Just don't know who would be running it yet.


Thanks Herostratus, for the clarification, I missed the timing of the news.  Regards, Peter

For reference

UA Cinema Returns – Four Houses, Over 650 Seats

The new theatre will be equipped with laser projection technology, and will feature the Dolby Atmos Sound System and D-BOX Motion System for extraordinary moviegoing experiences. 

Thank you SinSquare for the news about the upcoming theatre.  New memories, high tech this time, to be cherished by the present generation!  I guess the former theatre's building was never demolished but refitted to accommondate additional shops.  Since the article mentions new extension to the shopping complex, I assume that's where the new hall will be.  Thank you in advance for any corrections.  Regards, Peter

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Google has a street view dated January 2017., which should have a clear view of the situation.  The section of the building originally hosted the food court and the cinemas still stands.  But it would be linked up with the construction site next door when it is completed.  The same reasons for the open part of the original bus terminus had been relocated to the opposite side of the road temporarily.  I believe the terminus would move back when construction is completed.


This article from July 2019 said the Citygate extension including the UA Cinema would open in August 2019.

Checking the UA website today (June 2020), the UA Citygate is open and showing films: