1977 Osborn Barracks

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:59

Source: This image came from Flickr, see https://flickr.com/photo.gne?id=2864557430

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What a fantastic site. I found it by accident a couple of days ago and had a really good look around.

My family used to live in Pegasus house back in 1975 & 1976. I've seen this picture before online and remember the large black pipe as my friends and I used to walk along it. The locals used to live by the side in small shacks and there were chickens 

Judging from the angle of the shot the whole area now appears to have been cleared and holds Kowloon Tsai Swimming Pool and Sports Ground.

Anyone else here have good memories of the 70's in Osborn Barracks?



Yes your probably right about the location.

Probably a long shot but does anyone have any images of this area back in the 70's, in particular the blue shaded area in the following image as those buildings never used to be there.


(couldn't work out how to add an image to the post)

That's Renfrew Road going up the middle with the baracks on the left.

Thanks again.


Thanks very much for that, appreciate it. The view pretty much confirms my memories of the place and I'll email the link to my Father back in England as he'd be really interested to see it.

Can I ask you the process you used to get to that final preview DAP image as I've tried all sorts of searches of dates, clicking on those little red dots on the map to see a preview image etc. 

I'd like to see if I can view other areas and perhaps purchase higher res images from the site.


Hi Andrew

I followed herostratus' guidelines (here). To get the final blow up,  simply click on the image in the pop-up and it should open a new tab with a full size rendition.



Thanks Phil. 

I followed the tutorial and managed to see the preview images like you had. I was clicking on the download button and getting the standard colour sample where as I should have just clicked on the actual thumbnail.

You can spend hours on there looking around .... and did :-)

Have ordered 1 aerial shot (HKD 55.00) too see what the resolution is like but the Mastercard payment process wouldn't work on Chrome or Firefox so had to use Internet Explorer to pay. Something to do with the CC Processors security check. Also looks like the map dept. manually confirm the payment during business hours even though the transaction has gone through online so will probably have to wait until Monday to download the jpg file. I'm in Australia and almost same time zone.

Might go for the full blown 300mb TIFF format if the resolution is a lot better as works out at around AUD$120.00

Thanks again for all your help. Really appreciate it.



Glad to help. The system is great, it wasn’t too long ago that you had to go physically into one of their outlets and order a copy for HK$120 so $55 seems like a good deal. I’ve spent days on it already as well :)

Just thought I'd add this in case anyone else is reading the post and not sure about buying images from the website.

I got the download link for the purchased image in an email today and very pleased with the results. This was the DAP-L0 at $55.00 HKD

I've made a quick comparison (Just a small selection of the images) so you can see the quality at 100% zoom on each.

697TRiw.jpg, by Andrew G


There's still the option to get the full blown DAP tiff file and if I get it I'll post another comparison to see if it's worth the extra cash (costs $695.00 HKD) as I'd be expecting a lot more resolution / zoom.

Note that I was looking at images with a flying Height no more than 3000 ft.



Feb 2021


Sorry, forgot to add the full size DAP Tiff file. Here's the same area below and you can view it @ 100% here  https://i.imgur.com/XdyUuU8.jpg 

dap-tiff.jpg, by Andrew G



Hope that helps.