Middle Road Children's Playground [1932-????]

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I'm not exactly sure of its layout, but photos from the 1930s show an open patch of land bounded by Nathan, Salisbury, Chatham & Middle Roads.

12 Sep 2018 Update: Moddsey notes in the comments below that the playground was the eastern section of the land. I've updated the marker and outline.

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HK Daily Press October 26 1929

Work commenced. The Middle Road Children's Playground extended from the steps leading up to Signal Hill to its junction with Salisbury Road. The Playground would include maypoles, see-saws, swings and an area for bicycling and roller-skating. Shelters with seating would be provided under Signal Hill.

The Playground was made available for use in early 1932. As far as I can remember, the area opposite the playground adjoining Nathan and Salisbury Roads had always been an open area until the construction of a multi-storey car park and hotel in subsequent decades.