Murray Road Multi Storey Car Park Building [1973-2018]

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From Wikipedia:

Construction on the building began in 1972. The car park opened for public use on 30 July 1973.

In 2017, Henderson Land Development bid successfully to acquire the Hong Kong government owned commercial plot on which the car park is built. Henderson Land will pay HK$23.28 billion (US$3 billion) for the plot.

The Murray Road Multi-storey Car Park ceased operation at midnight on April 30, 2017. By the time of its closure, the car park was providing 388 public parking spaces for private cars and 55 for motorcycles.

​After official closure, the carpark reopened in the second half of 2017. Looking at the price for this place, it seems to be very unlikely that it will be a car park for a long time.

The car park finally closed in early 2018 and demolition started in March 2018. By May, its part of Hong Kong's history.

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Hi there,

During the tender period the carpark was closed and entrances boarded up.  But I think Henderson had opend it up again as a carpark now.  I walked by it in November and saw the carpark sign and gates reinstated.

Don't know how long would it stand though.


Dezeen Magazine reports that the HK Buildings Departments has issued a demolition consent for the car park building in March, 2018. Also, the plans for a new building were approved.

It reports further:

Zaha Hadid Architects is set to build a 35-storey office tower on a £2.2 billion plot in Hong Kong, reportedly the most expensive site in the world.
According to ZHA, the project is due to complete "by the third quarter of 2022".