Cathay- Catalina flying boat-Passenger-Batley present-pilot's log-book page

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not sure which Batley family member is listed here

This is a Cathy pilot's log-book page  for a Macau-Kai Tak flight on 2 July 1948.

The  pilot was Dale Cramer whose Cathy Catalina was later high-jacked in an attempt seize the gold it was carrying on 16 July 1948. All on board were lost except one high-jacker who survived

the de Costa listed under the Batley name was probably Delca de Costa an air hostess who  lost her life in the high-jacking crash 


Date picture taken
2 Jul 1948


Probably the name preceding Batley and da Costa was for First Officer, K. McDuff who was on the ill-fated flight on 16 July 1948. 

Cathay- Catalina flying boat-Passenger-Batley present-clip fron log-book page
Cathy- Catalina flying boat-Passenger-Batley present-clip fron log-book page, by IDJ


you are probably correct as the entries are just surnames without titles. So presumanly the Batley is "Olive." The Catalina would not normally have needed two Air Hostesses on board, perhaps it was a 'training' trip for her.

A certain 'Eather' is also listed who would be Captain Charles "Chic" Eather.. He attended Olive's funeral along with his wife


In the book "Beyond Lion Rock - The Story of Cathay Pacific Airways" as noted here  , mention is made of Olive Batley at the time of the tragic accident being "a new girl, only six months with Cathay". So July 1948 of her being "under training" sounds plausible or she was simply a "positioning " crewmember on the flight.

Very interesting post.

Perhaps the 'Campbell' referred is A.Campbell, who was First Officer on the ill fated 1949 Cathay Pacific Crash.