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Jose CHU (aka Ruiz) [c.1922-c.1944]

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c.1922-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
c.1944-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
Cause of death: 
Died in hospital (which?) during the Japanese occupation Lived in Sham Shui Po Was Catholic Attended LaSalle College No record in Happy Valley Catholic Cemetery No record in Cheung Sha Wan Cemetery Had access to bank account (HSBC?) funded from Peru Girlfriend was Maria Agon who attended his funeral with his sister. Neither able to remember details even in tge 1960s Brother escaped to China during the occupation. Spoke and wrote Spanish, Hakka, Cantonese and English. May have entered HKU but did not graduate.


any help with trying to find where my uncle Jose Chu is buried would be very much appreciated. It is likely that he was buried somewhere near Shamshuipo where he lived and possibly in St Raphael's cemetery although I did not find anything in the records there. Many thanks in advance.

You mentioned your father was considered a "third national" during the Japanese occupation. Was Jose also?

If you know which country's passport he had, I wonder if that country would have any records of his death?

Yes, Jose was also a third national as was his sister (my aunt). If he held a passport at all, it was Peruvian.  He traveled from Peru to Hong Kong as a child of 9 together with my grandfather, one sister and 4 (younger) brothers including my father.  They all travelled on a paper passport I have a copy of which had a photo of my grandfather with 6 children and listed each child's name and age.

I don't think there will be a record of his death in Peru since even my father (who had escaped to China to try to make contact with his family) did not know about my uncle's death until he returned to HK after the occupation. I don't suppose there was a Peruvian Consulate in Hk in those days but someone may know better ?

I haven't seen any mention of a Peruvian Consulate. There is a record of a post-war visit by the "Secretary of the Mexican Embassy in Chungking", and that he also interviewed people from other Latin American countries:

Unfortunately there aren't any detailed records of that visit.

The family Search website has good records of burials in Hong Kong, and would be worth looking through. You have to create an account, but it is free of charge:


How very interesting to find this HK-Peru connection. My wife's father , Victor Wong, a second generation Peruvian of Chinese ancestry, came to HK in his early twenties, c. 1935, to learn something of his Chinese heritage. He married a local woman, Esther Leung, in 1936 and my wife was born in Kowloon Hospital in 1938 and a son followed.

Come the war, her mother was killed while they were  living in Tang Hang, and although her father  was a neutral Peruvian citizen he was patriated to his family village near Canton c. 1943 where he remarried. The boy died from malnutrition before the family could return to HK. Fortunately for me he returned to Lima alone  in 1950 with the intention of sending for his family, but never did!  

We visited Lima in 2005 shortly after  his death, missing him  but we  were able to meet up with my wife's four half brothers and one half sister. We have always wondered if  my wife's mother's death, which took place between Dec 7th and 25th , have been  registered whilst hostilities lasted. Knowing the cost of registry searches I have never attempted to initiate a postal one.