Golden City Theatre - 1956 Sold for Development

Fri, 12/08/2017 - 06:16

Golden City Theatre - news article on its Sale for redevelopment - September 7, 1956

Five years after its opening, the theatre was sold for redevelopment,  buiding, seats, equipments including I think the kitchen sink.  Briefly some highlights in the article: appraised at about HK $1 million, it was scooped up by a bidder in three minutes for $ 1.31M the only bid;  land area 13,742 sq ft; buyer to acknowlege rights of current tenants to continue to use other areas.

Other financial aspects in the article particularly the 99-year bit are beyond my level of understanding.  The article stated due to its location, the site is worth at least $100 per sq ft., and that the buyer got a good deal when all the hardwares were included in the deal.  To make a meaningful assessment, readers can confirm if the price paid did not include purchase of, and ownership of the land.

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I had watched The King and I at the theatre with my mother in 1957  when I was three years of age. I have no memory of the theatre as I was too young at that time.

The theatre building collapsed during demolition in 1958.