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Roy Francis DENTON / WRIGHT-BROWN [1943- ]

Roy Francis
Denton / Wright-Brown
c.1943-11-01 (Day is approximate)
Birthplace (country): 

Barbara Anslow:

The 2 surnames of Roy Francis are difficult to explain!  His mother was Ivy Denton, who came into camp with a toddler Elizabeth called Betty.  Ivy's husband didn't appear to be in camp.  In 1942 Ivy had another daughter called Camille Tweed who only lived a few months.  Roy Francis was born in Nov. 1943, and must have been registered at the hospital as Roy Francis Wright-Brown as that is the name I put in my diary.

I have a vague memory of hearing that Ivy was to be known as Wright-Brown in future but can't remember why.  I see he is listed at Denton in Greg Leck's book.   Of course he isn't on that early list from Gwen Priestwood as he wasn't born then.





Still trying to understand my nans story. Ive fou d photo online of nan with her husband john Wright brown and daughter Betty when they were reunited in 1945.....but still do t understand the connection with Joseph Denton.....was she married or just had a relationship with him that resulted in the birth of Camille (sadly died on camp) and my Uncle Roy....still living in Australia. Would love to find Betty if she is still alive she would be 77....but no idea where she is. Nan handed get over to John to raise and never saw her again. My mum would live to meet her half sister. If anyone can shed any light we would be grateful xx


Dawn I think I may have sent you some details of a possible marriage for Betty a while back, was it a dead end? Just wondering if you had also seen this photo?



Hi Nicola I cant you still have the details please? Also I hadn't seen this photo.. .. thank you. Kind Regards Dawn


It might be best if you contact me directly, can David give you my email? Think I've got a couple of possible leads but would prefer to see what you think first? 


I'm fine with that...and you can have mine. Thanks Dawn