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Japanese tunnels, Tate's Ridge [????- ]

This tunnel lies on stage 5 of the Maclehose trail, between the three-way Shatin Pass Road /  Jat's Incline / Fei Ngo Shan Rd junction, and Tate's Ridge. Not far from the road I remember seeing a collapsed tunnel entrance, and a noticeboard describing Japanese tunnels.

I'll get photos and a better description of the location next time I'm out hiking that way.


A marker stone indicating the construction of Jat Incline, by the Jat Regiment in 1907, repaired by the same Regiment in 1932. Located  at the junction with Clearwater Bay Road.

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Hi Moddsey!

I am interested in this as I have a photo of this marker taken in 1954.  I will post this with my next batch of photos but I can see that on the side it says Customs Pass.  The other text on it is visible too including the date of 1907.


I have deleted the previous posting and enlarged the original photo.

1996 Jat Incline Marker Stone

I found what appears to be the location of the tunnel entrance on Google Maps, which happens to have "Street View" imagery here: https://goo.gl/maps/1CKGoZpnnbp (22.3566491,114.2140099). A screengrab of the imagery: http://i.imgur.com/yDW7T2N.png

The area along Tates Ridge, Tates Cairn to Fei Ngo Shan, One Rise More and surrounds are riddled with Japanese tunnels, from small through to large, often with multiple openings. The north-western side of One Rise More also has an extensive trench system built pre-war by British Forces. Although now mostly collapsed, it can still be followed (vegetation permitting). 

Hi Rob.

Interesting point about this area having multiple tunnels, I am definitely going to investigate once im back in Hong Kong for a bit as I have now covered 80% of tunnels on HK island and a couple on Lamma/the mainland. I was wondering if a) you ever recorded any information about Japanese tunnels in your documentation of HK WW2 history? b) if you knew of any tunnel locations that might not be marked on the Gwulo map (approximate areas is fine).




Unfortunately, I started making a list of those things, but it soon became all to much and I stopped.

I lived at the bottom of Fei Ngo Shan Rd for some years, so Kowloon Peak through to Temple Hill was my "patch". As was mentioned earlier, the area is thick with tunnels and caves, but is also now thick with vegetation. Much of my walking was done after hillfires, when the ground was bare and things much easier to see.  The ridge line starting at Tates Cairn working towards Temple Hill, the section of the Maclehose Trail starting at Jats Incline and going over the ridge to the Gilwell Scout Camp, and the whole area of One Rise More have numerous Japanese caves of varying sizes. If you follow the Maclehose Trail from the Scout Camp towards Buffalo Hill you will find, shortly before descending a long set of steps, some of the British trenches running alongside the path on the left. These continue up the hill on your right, and a path up actually passes across two separate lines. These, again, are now heavily overgrown.

Thanks for the info rob!  I have only covered a couple tunnels on Kowloon side, so I will look into those for sure. Well, if you ever find any old notes about the tunnels I would love to hear more about any locations not known on gwulo or just information on them, since the internet is mostly devoid of information.