Lamma Power Station [1978- ]

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This is Hongkong Electric's fouth and current power station. It replaced their third power station on Ap Lei Chau.

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Thanks for the link. Here's the section that gives the history of the site:

Construction and Development of the Lamma Power Station

Construction of the Lamma Power Station commenced in 1978 and was developed in three stages:

(i)    Stage One (1978 -1983)

Stage one comprised the construction of three 250 MW coal-fired units together with common station facilities and auxiliary plants (including water/oil/coal/ash handling and storage plants, coal jetty and coal yard). It was completed in December 1983.

(ii)    Stage Two (1983 - 1993)

Stage two comprised the construction of three 350 MW coal-fired units with semi-outdoor-type coal-fired boilers, one 55 MW and six 125 MW oil-fired open cycle gas turbine units. It was completed in September 1993.

(iii)    Stage Three (1988 - 2001)

Stage three comprised the construction of an ash lagoon, extension of the coal jetty and two 350 MW coal-fired units, which were completed in August 2001.

In March 2002, to meet the increasing demand for electricity, two of the 125 MW oil-fired open cycle gas turbine units (which were completed during stage two of the development of the Lamma Power Station) were converted into a combined-cycle block with the addition of two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine, which created an aggregate electricity generation capacity of 345 MW. The oil-fired gas turbines of the combined-cycle block were further converted in February 2008 to use natural gas as the primary fuel to generate electricity.

Lamma Extension

In the mid-1990s, we identified the need to build an extension to the Lamma Power Station to meet the expected growth in the demand for electricity in Hong Kong. The Lamma Extension was developed on a 22-hectare reclaimed land adjoining the Lamma Power Station, which is linked by two short bridges. With the aim of improving the environment of Hong Kong in the long term, in particular minimising the emissions resulting from electricity generation, the Lamma Extension was designed to accommodate six gas-fired combined cycle units with a total installed capacity of 1,800 MW. The first 335 MW gas-fired combined cycle unit and associated gas receiving station at the Lamma Extension were commissioned and commenced commercial operations in October 2006