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Boundary markers of former Sham Shui Po Camp [????- ]

Current condition: 

Marker is approximate.  There are three concrete marker pillars behind the bus top where two of them could be seen in Street View.

The wordings are on the inside.

DSCF2880a.JPG, by tngan


Photos that show this place


That's an interesting find. I don't think we've seen this style before.

They are marked "MOD". That dates them to post-WW2, as the Ministry of Defence wasn't created until 1947 (source: Wikipedia).

I was here just today and took the opportunity to snap a picture of the writing. Interestingly, all three stones are marked as No.10 which makes me wonder if they are reproductions from an original?


Sham Shui Po Camp Marker Stone detail
Sham Shui Po Camp Marker Stone detail, by Philk

I have the same doubt as they look so new and have such a smooth surface.

If they aren't replicas, have they been relocated to this place?

They are so close to each other ... though I have seen other boundary stones located as close as they do, such as those at Gunhill Club and Shek Kong Barracks.

I believe that they've all got the same number isn't weird, it just stand for something like the lot number, say, the one for Shek Kong Barracks is #11, so all those you found around the boundary got the same number.