Welfare Handicrafts Shop, TST [c.1955-c.2005]

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Timeline, using notes from this thread:

  • c.1955. Opened. KP writes, "The shop was built and opened circa 1955 and is reported, with photo, in the HK Annual Report of 1956.
    It was staffed by the members of various charities, which were responsible for different days of the week. My mother frequently worked there over a period of about five years 1955 - 60. I often used to go there after school and wait for her to finish."
  • 2003. Closed. 
  • 200?. Demolished.

Photos that show this Place


This was a wonderful shop selling all sorts of stuff.I used to buy many presents and still have some

Xmas tree decorations bought there in the sixties.


This has bought back fond memories - three little girls dressed in long red brushed cotton nightdresses, singing Christmas carols to the folk nextdoor. Nightdresses bought at Welfare Handicrafts. Lovely patchwork bedspreads,these lasted about 20 years, finally fell apart due to strong Australian sunlight. Christmas decorations, bought in the 70's and still in use today.



I also remember this shop very well - during the early 60's we used to buy presents there to take back to UK after our school holidays.  My mother also volunteered there and I recall the beautiful Ada Lum dolls as well as little pincushions which I believe you can still find today.  We still have Christmas decorations as well and they have survived after all these years.  Anyone know where we can get similar gifts now - I am coming to HK for a "trip down memory lane" later this month armed with old photos etc. and hopefully will find some familiar locations.

Alison....goodluck on your trip to HK and exploring your old haunts.

I have not been back for quite awhile but last time the changes I saw in Kowloon where alarming.

I found it all rather upsetting,going to the Ocean Terminal where my late Mum used to work,and Kai Tak was no more.

Hope you have a good time and see places you can recall from a distant time!

Regards Mike Cussans

Hi Alison,

The shops in the market at Stanley are the likely candidates for gifts. There's also a shop in one of the Li Yuen Streets with lots of little cheap & cheerful gift items.

If you're not sure of the location of any of the old photos, feel free to post them here and we can help identify where they were taken. (Here's how to upload a photo to the site: http://gwulo.com/node/2076)

Regards, David

Hello Mike,

     I'm not sure what I'm doing with this but hope I've managed to get a message to you.  I was going through an old box of photo's recently and found one in which you (if you are the right Michael Cussans) and I are sitting in my back garden in Cranford, Middx. at around the age of 8.  As it brought back some memories I thought I would try and see if you were still around!   I can email a copy of the photo to you but am not sure how to do it on this site....if I've contacted the right person you can get back to me on Pip.mm@hotmail.co.uk.  If you've absolutely no idea who I am......ignore this!       Best wishes,    Philippa Mukherjee (Field)