Thu, 10/22/2015 - 19:08

I was intrigued by the range of produce for sale in these three shops, again, probably in Wan Chai.

Date picture taken
1 Nov 1987


That green slogan on the right shop touts the "Nintendo Grey Machine" (game consol) for $898.  Not a small sum back then.  The TV advertisement back in 1986 selling this game consol can be seen here:

The white sheet direct on top of the green slogan mentions printing 3R photos for 60 cents each, with the gift of one big photo (usually 8R) for printing probably one roll of film.  Today, it costs perhaps double that.


As a young kid back then, naturally I was more interested in game consols than say, the dried meat on sale at the next shop.  For a while I really wanted to lay my hands on that machine and its games.  The childhood longing was since seared in my memories. 


Nostalgia for one's childhood is a very powerful force.  As I get older, nostalgia for things much more recent also comes into play - especially when I talk with grandchildren about what it was like when their parents were small children.  My even older 'boring' tales about being in HK all those years ago must seem like very ancient history to them.  My childhood is positively stone age!  Andrew