Tenements and shops

Wed, 09/30/2015 - 17:30

There were still quite a few of the pre-war four storey buildings in Wan Chai.  Can anyone identify the location of this one?

Date picture taken
25 Jul 1981


Hi Phil,

The photographer was on Lockhart Road East bound, facing south.  The other road by the right was Tonnochy Road.  My previous capture from Google Maps should have shown the approximate location of the Google car when it took the collective pictures a few years ago.


Hi Thomas and Phil.  I got a bit lost in your conversation about the buildings but, checking on my images, I see where they were.  If you look at my photograph Lockhart Road (directly underneath the Waffles or Doughnut one) you'll just see an old pillar at the extreme right that also appears on the old building shown in Tenements and shops.  You and Moddsey are  excellent at pinpointing things. Well done!  Andrew