Yeung CHAN (aka BAAG No. 25 / 陳養) [????- ]

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BAAG No. 25 / 陳養


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Chan Yeung.  BAAG Roll of Honour.

A member of the first Field Intelligence Group (FIG) who was sent together with Chan Kwok Kwong, Tsang Tak HIng and two others on a secret mission from Advanced Headquarters Waichow in July 1942 to occupied Hongkong.   Chan Yeung, together with Chan Kwok Kwong and two others, were reported  in winter 1942 to have been arrested by the Gendarmerie in Hongkong, and were jailed.  They were never seen thereafter.  They were reported missing and presumed dead.

CHAN Yeung was a key member of BAAG Field Intelligence Group (FIGS) Group B sent to Hong Kong in June 1942.  He acted as a Courier for the Group B with agents at the Bowen Road Hospital, Shaukeiwan and tasked to initiate contacts with PoWs principally at Shamshuipo and North Point.  His principal associates were: Chan Kwok-kwong (77), William Wong (46), Tsang Tak-hing (48) and Joseph Tsang Yiu-sang (19) amongst others.

Chan Yeung was the person who liaised with the Red Guerrillas at Post Z - a shop at Portland St, Shamshuipo, named Kwong Hang Store, set up by the BAAG and operated by the family of Raymond Wong Chok-mui (99) of the HK & Kowloon Independent Brigage, later amalgated with the East River Colunm Guerrillas. The BAAG was using one communication line referred to as Post X-Y-Z - Post X being the Man Loong Shop at Shayuchung, Dapeng Bay; Post Y being Chek Keng Village at Saikung; and Z being Kwong Hang Shop, Shamshuipo.  Chan Yeung was arrested and exeucted with others; and Post Z was raided.  Literatures of the East River Guerrillas described their liaison with Chan Yeung.