Marksman unit

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 00:47

A rapid descent training session with the RAAF Kowloon side. These pilots were nutters and these training sessions gave them free rein to try to make these helos do impossible things and as we were all for it and never grassed anyone up as to what we were up to it gave us a bond with the crew who looked after us as we completed various drop jobs about the colony. On one job strapped to the outside of a smaller helo with an M16 looking for terrorists, the helo was jumping about so much as the pilot freely enjoyed himself I was sick about 8 times down the side. I wonder if the crew had a bet on as to how many times.

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28 Squadron worked closely with the Police Tactical Unit thru' the 1970s/80s.Training with PTU Company personnel was the main link of the 'co-operation'-but '28' ably helped out in real emergency situations that often necessitated the transportation of 160 plus PTU officers(to the more remote areas of HK).