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Mei Foo Sun Chuen [1978- ]

Date Place completed: 

I've set 1978 as the completion date for the whole estate, though as Wikipedia notes, many phases were completed much earlier:

Mei Foo Sun Chuen was built in eight stages[1] from 1965 to 1978 on the reclamation formerly used for petroleum storage by Mobil (now part of ExxonMobil) in Hong Kong (Mobil's Chinese trading name in Hong Kong is 美孚; Mei Foo). The development was conducted by Mei Foo Investments Limited, a subsidiary company of Mobil Oil (Hong Kong) Limited.[1]

Photos that show this place


Below is the map showing various phased development of Mei Foo Sun Chuen from 1965 to 1978.

Mei Foo Sun Chuen Ph 1 to Ph 8

Photo of Mei Foo Sun Chuen in 1970s.  Lai Chi Kok Bay was later reclaimed to provide land for the MTR Tusen Wan Line which was built in late 1970s.

Mei Foo Sun Chuen in 1970s