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Chinese Rhenish Church, Bonham Road [1914- ]

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In 2002 I took the picture below of a Church Bell on the balcony of the Chinese Rhenish Church, Bonham Road. No idea if its still there. The year given on the bell is 1903. Since the Chinese Rhenish Church was completed in 1914 this bell came obviously from some other church. Unfortunately I did not photograph the three letters in front of 1903 properly. But I am pretty sure to remember: B.M.G 1903 - likely for: "Berliner Missions Gesellschaft", "Berlin Missionary Society"; and not R.M.G. for Rheinische Missions Gesellschaft. The date and the letters given I believe This church bell to be the original bell from the chapel of the Berlin Foundling Home at High Street. But maybe I am wrong. Any information about this church bell available?

Church Bell at Chinese Rhenish Church, Bonham Road

Interesting, I haven't seen this before. Maybe the church can tell you more, there is a contact email address here:

Regards, David