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Amakusa Marine Products Industrial Company

The Industrial History of Hong Kong Group's website: has an article on HK Industry during World War Two.

Included is a brief mention under Fishing of the Amakusa Marine Products Industrial Company. This was apparently active in HK during the Japanese occupation around Dec 1942 onwards.

I can find no information about this company. Or of its role in HK during WW2.

Can anyone provide further details?


Hi Hugh,

The first two results from this search aren't fully viewable online, but they give a different version of the name:

That leads to:

which has a couple of notes about HK fishermen in WW2 on pages 4 & 5.

Hopefully they'll give you some new leads,

Regards, David

PS A link to the page on your website will be easier for readers to follow than a link to the site itself, eg

easier than

Hello David

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Thanks, your sources are very useful. I have put these into an article The Hong Kong Fishing Industry during World War Two with the link below.

We haven't completely cleared up the confusion about variant names but are getting closer.