Christ Church [1937- ]

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Completion date taken from the church's website:

 The new structure was hallowed on Saturday 27th February 1937 and regular services began on Sunday. The Kowloon Tong Anglican Church became Christ Church and the consecration service was held on 29th October 1938.

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Hello David

re this latest is very interesting that Christchurch is mentioned, as Nancy and I were  married there on the 22nd September 1952...and I have been back there several times over the years...and..I will be there on the 22nd September this year... in 28 days time..!! which would have been mine and Nancy's sixty first wedding anniversary....WOW !

It will bring back many wonderful memories, and I have been in touch often with the Vicar the Reverend Ross Royden, who I have met before.

Look forward to seeing you again as well

Bill Griffiths

Christ Church, Kowloon Tong
Christ Church, Kowloon Tong
Christ Church interior.
Christ Church interior, by Chris Potter

Christ Church was designed by architect John Potter of Leigh and Orange and was opened in 1938.

John Potter was killed on Christmas Day 1941, defending the place he loved.


“Appointed Lay Representatives

It was notified in today’s Government Gazette that the following changes have been made in the constitution of the Trustees of the Church of England in Hongkong: Messrs F.C. Clemo and E.F. Shea to be lay representatives of Christ Church, Kowloon Tong, vice Messrs J.T. Prior and B.J.M. Monks.”

Source: The China Mail, page 10, 29th May 1953