ARP School & HQ / Harcourt Clinic [????-????]

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Photos that show this Place


I've set the completion date, based on these notes from Moddsey:

From HKGRO, the captioned building was completed in March 1940. I believe Harrison Forman had some photos taken in the building from 1940-1941. There is one shot taken from the second floor window looking towards the junction of Morrison Hill Road and Leighton Road as shown here  (click twice for the image to appear.)

1949 Happy Valley (date is approximate as the totalisator is not in picture)

The A.R.P. building would be the wide two story building at the junction of Queen's Road East and Morrison Hill Road.

1940s Happy Valley Racecourse

I asked Barbara Anslow if she could tell us some of her memories of working in the building. Thanks to Barbara for her reply:

At its inception, ARPHQ functioned in the Colonial Secretariat; some time in 1939 it transferred to a new building adjacent to the Secretariat; then around Spring 1940 moved in the newly-built building beside Happy Valley.  The top floor was administration:  a large office at the Gap Road end  for the Director of Air Raid Precautions; his room contained the machine for sounding the air raid alarm/all clear when news of planes approaching was telephoned to him.  I remember once during the battle, an occasion arose where for a few minutes I was the only person in that room. and was terrified that the instruction to sound the alarm might come and I would have to do it!

There was another office for the Deputy DARP; a room at the opposite end for the clerical office staff, and a small room overlooking Happy Valley for us 2 stenographers.  There may have been other small rooms on top floor, I can't remember now. I dont recall any lecture rooms on that floor.

The ground floor had instruction rooms, including one 'anti-gas' room.

The comment that the ground floor was used for stretcher cases and casualties must, I think, refer perhaps to the possible use of that floor in case of war.

On Friday 12th Dec. 1941, ARPHQ transferred to the Secretariat Tunnel beneath Govt. House. All us ARP staff were then billeted in Dina House, Duddell Street, and remained there until sent to Tai Koon Hotel, Des Voeux Road.