9 Hong Kong history subscriptions for you

Submitted by David on Tue, 11/23/2010 - 08:39

If you're hungry for more about Hong Kong's history, here are the websites I subscribe to - you might like to try some of them too.

The Hong Kong Heritage Project Blog. Recent posts have described different items from their archives, eg photos of the CLP Head Office decorated for the 1953 coronation, history of Shanghai Gas & Shanghai Dockyards, records of The Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels back to 1894, etc. They also do a good job of introducing other history-related events & groups around Hong Kong. More: visit blog / subscribe to blog ** / visit main website. 

Hong Kong (& Macau) Stuff. Phil is a regular contributor to Gwulo, and also has his own blog. I especially enjoy his coverage of hidden-away places in the New Territories, which are all new to me. Expect all sorts of interesting odds and ends, plus more Bruce Lee than your average blog! More: visit blog / subscribe to blog **.

Gwulo.com. If you haven't already, please subscribe so we can keep you updated with what's new. More: subscribe to gwulo.com.

Flickr. I subscribe to the Old Hong Kong Lovers pool. Whenever someone adds a new photo, I get to see a copy. Expect anywhere between 1 and 20 new photos each day. More: visit the pool / subscribe to the pool **.

RTHK. If you'd rather listen than read, this is for you. Each Hong Kong Heritage Podcast (no relation to the Hong Kong Heritage Project) features radio presenter Annemarie Evans interviewing a guest about some aspect of Hong Kong history. More: visit website / subscribe to podcast **.

Google Alerts. This is a bit different, but it's a good tool to know about. Let's say you're interested in Paul Chater, and you use Google Alerts. It's like having a personal assistant who makes a Google search for Paul Chater each morning, and sends you an email with a list of any new results. More: try Google Alerts.

The Commissioner for Heritage's Office of the Development Bureau. What a mouthful! They publish a short newsletter every other month, which has pictures and articles about projects they are working on. eg This month's issue covers SCAD's redevelopment of the former North Kowloon Magistracy. More: view sample newsletter. To subscribe, send an email to wbenq@devb.gov.hk, asking them to add you to their newsletter mailing list.

Next are a couple that are regularly updated and include great content. But, annoyingly they don't offer any way to subscribe. Until they do, my 'subscription' is a mental note to visit their site from time to time:

Royal Asiatic Society. Every two or three months they publish a newsletter. It includes write-ups of recent events, and a calendar of talks about historical subjects that are open to the public. More: see newsletters

Hong Kong War Diary. Tony Banham's site about Hong Kong in World War 2. Each month he gives a summary of interesting things he's learned, inquiries received, and new photos of related material. More: visit website.

What am I missing? Are there any Hong Kong history sites you subscribe to, or write yourself, that we should know about?

Regards, David

** These sites use RSS to provide their subscriptions. If you haven't used RSS before, there's a good introduction here. (Though note that the RSS reader they recommend has been discontinued. I use Google Reader to read my RSS subscriptions.)


I've been pointed to a second regular podcast on RTHK, Hong Kong History with Paul Harrison. Paul's comments on gwulo.com usually find some unusual angle on whatever we're talking about, so his podcasts should be worth a listen too. More: visit website / subscribe to podcast **.

Trams of Hong Kong. A bi-lingual (English / Chinese) blog about anything and eveything related to Hong Kong's trams: http://hkgtrams.wordpress.com/

And a couple of Chinese-language blogs that unfortunately I can't read, but that look interesting:

I must stress that my information in Chinese is mainly from others in web site and books plus sometimes from government documents. It is only a place you can find many streets at the same time. Content may not be something special. My blog is just a place to post the street photos I was taking from 2011 and it can be a platform for exchanging past history in HK -  from Anthony.