Asiatic Building / Shell House (1st generation) [1924-1958]

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From flickr:

Shell House was Shell's headquarters in Hong Kong for more than 80 years until 1993.  Initially, there was a 2-story house on the site, then this 7-story block was built, it was sold and demolished in 1958 to make way for a 17-story building in 1960. It was only when that building was in turn demolished in 1993 that Shell moved to a new location in Causeway Bay.

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The building in the centre was the premises of the Asiatic Petroleum Co. Ltd. It was kniown as the Asiatic Building (24-32 Queen's Road Central) and later as Shell House. It was completed in 1924 - the same year as the China Building and Pedder Building on the right of photo.

The name change to Shell House occurred on 1 May 1935. (Source China Mail 6 May 1935)


The building was sold to Central Development, who built Central Tower in its place.  Central Development also owns Central Tower across the road. 

Did Shell own the original building and then the 17-story building that was later developed?  Right now I think Shell's HK head office is in Times Square, but I don't believe they own that building.