Gladdon [c.1929- ]

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Notes from the AAB's "Historic Building Appraisal: No. 3 May Road, The Peak, H.K.", where they propose giving it Grade 3 listed building status.

Historical Interest

The building known as “Gladdon” at No. 3 May Road was built in 1929/30 as garages for motor cars with chauffeurs’ quarters over them. Due to a
road expansion scheme from Bowen Road to May Road, the Government
considered that it was necessary to build garages to accommodate cars which were owned by the nearby residents. In consequence, the Government held a public auction on 18 November 1929 to sell Inland Lot No.2979. From 1929 to 1988, “Gladdon” was owned by Humphreys Estate and Finance Company Ltd., which was later renamed Humphreys Estate (“Gladdon”) Ltd. It was purchased by Kerry Properties Limited in 1988. One of the garages and chauffeur’s quarters were converted into a penthouse apartment in 1946. “Gladdon” is now used as a residential block which comprises 1 penthouse and 14 garages.

Architectural Merit

“Gladdon” is a long curved building built at the foot of a slope next to
May Road Peak Tram Station. It consists of a row of fourteen garages and a penthouse apartment (formerly the chauffeurs’ quarters) over them. The
architectural style has been described as Neo-Georgian. The building is quite elegant displaying classical style columns between the garages supporting a decorated entablature and moulded cornice. The garages are fitted with roller shutter doors which are obviously modern and probably replaced original panelled doors. One of the garages serves as the main entrance to the penthouse. Unfortunately a replica antique door has been installed which is not in keeping with the classical style of the building. The penthouse which extends from Garage No. 3 to Garage No. 8 has white painted rendered walls, modern style windows, and a flat roof with a single chimney stack. Three air-conditioning units have been installed in the front façade. There is a terrace at each end of the penthouse built over Garages Nos. 1 & 2 and Garages Nos. 9 & 10. The terrace parapets have modern style metal guard rails.

Rarity, Built Heritage Value & Authenticity

This elegant building combining garages and a residence with its curved
classical façade is a rare piece of architecture with built heritage value. Modern alterations and additions such as garage doors, air-conditioners and modern windows spoil the original appearance and mar the authenticity.

Social Value & Local Interest

“Gladdon” has social value and local interest as it demonstrates the historical development of the Peak and especially the arrival of the motor car in the pre-World War II period. The building is understood to have strong sentimental associations for local residents.

Group Value

“Gladdon” is situated just east of the May Road Tram Station, one of the
four intermediate stations of the Peak Tramway — the city’s oldest mode of
public transport in operation since 1888. It is also close to historic items graded by the Antiquities and Monuments Office such as the Peak Depot (山頂倉庫 Grade II) and Old Peak Café (舊山頂餐廳 Grade II).

Adaptive Re-use

The garages would make suitable lock-up workshops or shops, but such
adaptive re-use would probably meet with opposition from local residents.
“Gladdon” is best left as garages and a penthouse, but the alterations and
additions could have been carried out more sympathetically.


“Gladdon” is not graded, but it is one of the items recorded by the
Antiquities and Monuments Office.