Park Road and West End Park in Hong Kong Island ....

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any one know the origin and history of Park Road and West End Park (just next to Park Road) ? Are they related ?

In 1901

Park Road
- was the last part of Robinson Road, and the only through road.

Lyttleton Terrace
- was named Lower Richmond Road

Robinson Road
- was Upper Richmond Road

Regulations for Maintenance of Good Order
and the Preservation of Property in West End Park

1. No person shall pick or handle flowers or plants or do any injury to any plant or tree.

2. No person shall walk upon the grass

3. No person shall put his feet on the seats, nor lie upon any seat.

4. No person shall cut or injure any fence or other property of the Government in the Park.

5. No kites shall be flown in or from the park.

6. All persons using the Park shall conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner.

7.  No part of the Park may be used as a drying ground nor for the deposit of builders' and other rubblish.

11th February, 1907


A level area for a playground was granted money in 1914

It appears that the entire area was a park, because the C.M.S. was to build "St. Stephen's Girls School, to be located in West End Park,"


"Acquisition by Government of the C.M.S. property - r.p. of inland lot no. 1096, C.M.S. girl's school at West End Park"

an item in the PRO files File  HKRS58-1-80-23, 16.08.1918 - 23.07.1936

*C.M.S. - Church Missionary Society of the Anglican Church