American Consulate - Consul General of the USA [????- ]

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Current condition

Far Eastern Economic Review - 1956

A new four-storey United States Consulate-General building will be erected adjacent to the present Consulate at 26 Garden Road.  Construction will take about one year.  The new building will face Garden Road, parallel to the present Consulate building.  Once the new building is completed, the present structure will be demolished.

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Legco comment 1937

I do not know whether it is proposed to develop by building the site of the former Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank houses in St. John's Place, but I venture to express the hope that this is not the intention. I agree with what I understand was our late Governor's, Sir Andrew Caldecott's, view that such development of the Battery Path and Garden Road area would be vandalistic commercialization of what should be one of the most beautiful parts of Hong Kong. (Applause).