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A request

I've had a request from a friend and figured gwulo might be able to help.

"Wondering if you can help me - trying to find a copy of "New Mount Omei Illustrated Guidebook" 新版峨山圖志, written by 黄绶芙 and 清 撰. Originally this was published in China around 1890, but was translated into English in 1936.

Copies of the 1936 edition are expensive collectors items, but the Hong Kong University Press republished it in 1974. It's not in their current catalogue, but are there any second-hand bookshops in HK that might have a copy for sale?

Or can you recommend reliable Chinese-language second-hand bookseller websites where I might get lucky?

Might also've been published by 扬州市 廣陵書社 in 2006

Can any of you guys put me in the right direction?




Hi Phil,

I'd start by contacting HK University Press, to ask them if they sell it (unlikely, but no harm asking), and to get the ISBN number for the book. I see the title spelled several different ways on the web, so the ISBN number could be a more reliable way to search.

If HKUP can't sell a copy, I'd send a follow-up message asking if they can recommend any places in Hong Kong that might have stock, or any libraries in Hong Kong that might have copies.

Then on a similar tack I'd also check HK Public Library for copies. Also check the RAS collection in the HK Public Library using the various spellings of the book's name, in case they have the reprint or even the 1936 / earlier copy.

Good luck, and let us know if you find any good bookstores,

Regards, David

I tried going to a popular second-hand book site (http://www.kongfz.com) and searched for 峨山图志 (the book's title in simplified characters). Two copies are available, and they are selling for more than $5000 RMB. It was also published a few years ago by 广陵书社 as Volume 122 (or Volume 2 of the second series) of their series 中国佛寺志丛刊 (Collection of books about temples in China).

From the records in the HKU Library catalogue, the book has also been reprinted (photocopied) in Taiwan.

Thanks all - have seen those Chinese websites before and copies are even more expensive there than over in Europe!

Not on the HKUP website anymore, so definitely out of print and unavailable.

Anyone else got any ideas of where to find a modern reprint that won't break the bank? I'm not after an antique, just a reading copy for my library - I'm a travel writer and have been up and down Emei Shan a good few times. Beautiful place by the way.

I saw these people at a show last year. They specialise in books about Asia, and sell old & new books - not just very expensive antiques. Might be worth contacting:


Thanks again David - used to visit these blokes when I lived in Canberra. Have sent them a message so see what happens.