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Bottoms Up [????- ]

This topless bar was at 14-16 Hankow Rd, in the basement. Comments from readers:


The 'Bottoms Up' is no longer in it's original place.  I still remember their lightbox at the entrance with 'bottoms' of all shapes and sizes..........  The bar had moved to Wanchai (somewhere around Fenwick & Lockhart) a few years ago, but I am uncertain if it is still there now.


Bottoms Up was managed by a certain Pat Sephton, who's husband, Vic Sephton was the bass player with "The Keymen" group who played in Gadi's restaurant in the Peninsula in the 1960's.  I remember them all very well.

More about Pat and Bottoms Up in this article, supplied by Vanessa,

Photos that show this place


The Bottoms Up signboard with the ladies bottoms was an eye catching attraction of Hankow Road until management were forced to replace it with this one:

Not too long ago the SCMP ran an article about Pat Sephton and Bottoms Up.


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I walked by Fenwick Street the other day, and saw a big For Lease sign hanging in the Window Space where Bottoms Up used to be.  The bar is gone, I think.

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Thanks to IDJ for these photos:

Bottoms Up advert
Bottoms Up sign

He notes:

The attached Bottoms Up advert shows what was on offer in 1972.
No doubt most of the girls will be grandmothers now.
Compared with the drinks prices in the nearby Yellow Submarine at 38 Hankow Road Basement at HK$1-30 for Draught Beer or HK$2-80 for a Whiskey, the Bottoms Up prices were considered to be expensive.
But James Bond would never have used the Yellow Submarine.

I visited the Bottoms up many times in my travels to Hong Kong. I have many wonderful memories of this place, especially my last time were I bid "farwell" to an old Navy friend along with some Australian friends we made along the way.

I have a series of photo's of my friend and I consuming a total of SIX "Pats typhoon's" apiece !! These were large,expensive,(HK$68) figured-shaped glasses that you got to keep if you finished the drink. about "know when to say when" lol It really was alot of fun !!

I am curious as to what happened to a Singaporean-Chinese girl called Maria who worked in that place during the 70s.

The block here at 14-16 Hankow Road - Mohan's Building (built 1963) has just been demolished. It was really quick and came down in just a couple of weeks.

On Flickr it's reported that the predecessor of Bottoms Up was the "World of Suzie Wong" bar.

In the mid to late 1960s it might have been the 'Bayside' night club, home to a popular local band of the time. The Bayside was in a similar very large basement area around that location,although there are many large basements under buildings nearby on that street. .

Similar information here The Bayside was in the basement of Chungking Mansions.

I knew Pat and Vic Sephton and their daughter Carmen. I met them through a very good friend when we visited HK in the early 80's and they stayed with us in the Philippines when they visited. They were a very lovely couple. Pat has this amazing presence that draws you to her. Hongkong was a shopping hub and oh the food was just incredible! One of my best memories was riding on the tram going up Victoria's Peak. Hongkong now has never been the same.