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54th Independence Field Squadron Royal Engineers - Plant Park Troop.

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54th Independence Field Squadron Royal Engineers - Plant Park Troop.

Article in Queens Birthday Parade program -21April 1958 - giving a description of the 4 specialist vehicles of the Plant Park Troop that were part of the mechanised column in the parade. There maybe photos of some of this equipment already on Gwulo ?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, April 21, 1958


Text copy:

A short history of this unit is contained earlier in the programme, and the following information relates to the four specialist vehicles which are provided by the Plant Park Troop.

The first machine, carried on a trailer towed by a heavy tractor, is one of the larger angle-dozers used in the army. This equipment is employed in large earthmoving projects such as the construction of roads and airfields. It is capable of moving up to 200 cubic yards of earth an hour, an output equivalent to nearly three infantry companies working for the same period. The machine weighs about 17 tons.

The second machine on parade is a lorry-mounted crane, used mainly for the construction of heavy bridges. It can lift a load of up to 7 tons, which is nearly a third of its own weight. The whole machine can be driven and steered from the crane operator’s cab when required.

The third machine is a motorised grader, which is normally used to give an accurately level or sloping finish, after an angle-dozer has prepared a rough foundation. The blade can be adjusted in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The machine is also used to cut shallow ditches and to scarify hard ground.

The last machine is an excavator. This is a most versatile machine, which can be fitted with many varying equipments and can move about a site under its own power. It is rigged today as a face shovel, and in this form uses its bucket for bulk excavation above ground level. The projecting jib can be changed or differently rigged to enable the machine to excavate below ground level, or to act as a crane or pile driver.

The vehicles will drive past to the Regimental March of the Royal Engineers, “Wings”.