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Chan Kai Ming funeral.jpg

This is a small offering for eurasian_david in return for all the Warren references he has found for me in the Hong Kong press. David has earlier mentioned that his great-great uncle, Ahmet Rumjahn was on the same boat as my grandfather bound for Kobe in 1911. I noticed that the names of Mr and Mrs A. Rumjahn appear in this article on the funeral of Chan Kai Ming in December, 1919. The “vast concourse of people” here named, includes the wealthiest and most influential figures in the Eurasian and Chinese community of the time, together with some British academics. Professor Warren is unfortunately nothing to do with my family.  Appalling to read nowadays and reflecting the attitudes of the times is the sentence “A noticeable feature of the funeral was the entire absence of native characteristics.” A part of the article is missing from my printout, but I’m sure the funeral would have been covered in all the newspapers. There are too many well-known names and institutions associated with Chan Kai Ming  for me to include in the Tags section. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, December 15, 1919


This is a new one for me, so thanks Jill. Ahmet Rumjahn had three wives by this stage so I don't know which one this is! I don't think it's wife number three whose two kids were born in Shanghai (1918 and 1923) so I think she would be in Shanghai. The other two wives all had kids in Hong Kong.from 1886 to 1920. There is also the names Ismail and Abbas in the list of attendees which I know. I notice the name Mr A. Abdoorahim which I think may be the same as the one you made a person page for (Abdul Hussein Abdoolrahim) who lived at Broadwood Road - but I know nothing about him.