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1955 children's party.jpg

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1955 children's party.jpg

A children's party in 1955 - we all went after school and so we are in school uniforms!


Thanks for the photo - was it taken at number 71 ?

If you can identify any of the people, it'll be great to know who we're looking at.

This was taken in 1955 at the home of one of our friends on The Peak - I can identify Alison and Cheryl Threlfall, Diana White, Margaret Blunden, Diana Prophet, Diana Kite, Cheryl Jeckway, Diana White, Hisako O'Hara.  The part that intrigues me now is the table setting, the fine china, the glassware and so on and I was 9 years old!  We are in Peak School uniform so had obviously gone straight after school to this party.

I might be at that party but I can't see myself, I don't think?! Anyone recognise Mary Miller?