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A5 - Unidentified Passenger Ship docking.JPG

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A5 - Unidentified Passenger Ship docking.JPG

Can anyone identified this photographed liner. Is it docked or arriving/leaving? Photograph is dated between 1932 and 1936 possibly or 1949/1950

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1934


This is one for the connoisseur as it's one of 24 possible ships. We previously tried to ID another of the Dollar Steamship Liner S.S President ships here

Edit: This ship has 2 funnels which narrows the choice down much further 

Number of funnels:

S.S. President Adams 1

S.S. President Buchanan 1

S.S. President Coolidge 2

S.S. President Fillmore (1903) 1

S.S. President Fillmore (1920) 1

S.S. President Garfield 1

S.S. President Grant 1

S.S. President Harding 1

S.S. President Harrison 1

S.S. President Hayes 1

S.S. President Hoover 2

S.S. President Jackson 1

S.S. President Johnson 1

S.S. President Lincoln 1

S.S. President Madison 1

S.S. President Monroe 1

S.S. President Pierce 1

S.S. President Polk 1

S.S. President Taft 1

S.S. President Taylor 1

S.S. President Tyler 1

S.S. President van Buren 1

S.S. President Wilson 1

So looks like Coolidge or Hoover 

Hoover (1930) ran aground in 1937 on an island off Formosa and was declared a loss. Sister ship Coolidge (1931) was converted into a troopship in 1941 and sunk in 1942 after hitting a mine. Thus photo has to be 1930s. 

Further edit: Looking at photos of the two ships (Coolidge and Hoover) on the internet for comparison, it looks like the S.S. President Hoover. Happy to be corrected by more knowledgeable souls.

If someone can identify the ship behind, might be able to triangulate the date of this photo.

Thank you for your very knowledgable reply. It would be interesting to see if anyone can identify the ship behind.


The ship behind could be one of three Matson Lines liners.

Matson Lines USA

MARIPOSA blt. 1931 maiden voyage Jan/Feb 1932

photos at:



MONTEREY blt. 1931 maiden voyage June 1932

photo at:


LURLINE blt. 1932  maiden voyage Jan 1933

photo at:


Regards degahk