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A3 - Unidentified Passenger Ship.JPG

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A3 - Unidentified Passenger Ship.JPG

This is a curious photograph as it appears to show one ship, unknown name. However there may be another behind which it is unlikely to be identified.

I assume in Hong Kong but would be grateful for comments. Yet again I have had to assume a date period

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1934


She is the RN sub depot ship Medway with six O, P or R class submarines alongside her port side, all of the 4th submarine flotilla and there may be, or more likey probably are, further boats on her other, starboard, side.

Image could be from almost any year through the 1930's, 16 of these subs served in the China waters with Medway.

Many thanks for identifying the ship and the interesting detail concerning the submarines. Something of a surprise.