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View from harbour #1

View from harbour #1
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1927


The highlighted house is Ava Mansions (1924).
The landslide on the left is from 1926, but Aigburth Hall (1927) isn't there, so that dates it to 1926/27.

Great detective work moddsey!

This pre-war photo of Hong Kong from the harbour has the number 64 appendaged to the title. Contrast with photo above numbered 65. Part of a commercial series? 

This one was labelled 35. Part of the same series? 

The block of flats to the left of the Peak Tram track(same level as Ava House) is Thorpe Manor and above it is 1 Catham Path which is still there.

Actually, on this page Marlowe has identified the correct location and provided supplementary information in dating the photo.

Yes, the harbour photos appear to have come in a series, sequential or not in numbering I cannot really say.

I think the street photo pre-dates the harbour photos and belongs to a different set of photos showing other sections of the city.


Thanks - got you and Marlowe mixed up!