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Kowloon street map

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Kowloon street map
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Saturday, January 1, 1983


I can't remember if we have discussed this before, but I have always been curious as to why Beacon Hill Road was never linked  in the middle. This map shows a dotted line that implies it was intended, but even to this day that dotted section was never cut and I wonder why? Perhaps the proximity of the rail tunnel (below) made the ground unsuitable for construction?

Clicking through the maps at https://www.hkmaps.hk/mapviewer.html, the road got extended as new buildings went up, so perhaps that patch of land isn't good for building on? Maybe because of the tunnel, or landslips in that valley?

Below the western end of the 'east' Beacon Hill Road was Pilgrim's Way and the former Army military quarters. See here I think the presence of M.O.D.  land may have attributed to the non-completion of the two Beacon Hill Roads.