Help with locating this area in Hong Kong | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Help with locating this area in Hong Kong

Help with locating this area in Hong Kong

My great-great grandparents and great-grandfather (as a child) lived in the house on the left from circa 1911 to 1921 during military service from the UK to Hong Kong.

All we have to go on from family is that it's somewhere on Hong Kong Island. 

Any help in identifying where this is would be greatly appreciated! 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1920


After some back and forward it is conclusive that the building in the foreground is Edge Hill, formerly 6A, then 10, then 12, The Peak. The site is now 16 Mount Austin Road.

You can see the shared detail from the picture of the Umbrella Seat here, including the fences, mailbox and fences on top of the retaining wall-

The 1924 map of the peak shows the lot RBL 130 (now RBL 913) just beside the Umbrella Seat

And the address history/building name of the lot appears here

Bishop's Lodge is the building in the background, and can be seen from a similar angle here

This appears to be the first clear image on site of Edge Hill


The house on the left in the foreground where your family lived was called Edgehill, see here for more information In 1919 the Jurors list shows a Capt T Arthur in residence, was he your great-great grandfather? 


Here is a similar view today, the small shelter in the foreground of your photo, called the umbrella seat, still survives. More here on it: