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Silvermark LiSuiChi cup.jpg

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Silvermark LiSuiChi cup.jpg

Dr Adrien von Ferscht has asked me for a photograph of the silver mark on the silver cup that was presented to my grandfather C.E. Warren in 1903, in case it was a Wang Hing cup. If I decipher the mark correctly, it reads "KL" which probably speaks for itself.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, February 11, 2021


KL = KAM LUNG [GAN LONG]  甘隆 a retailer

Not a Wang Hing product then?

Afraid not. You do realise that Wang Hing was a retailer, not a manufacturing silversmith?

You may be interested in this piece I wrotwe on Wang Hing;



I'm afraid that the silver sugar tongs that I mentioned in the other thread are not Wang Hing either. On magnification the imprint reads WAHHINGLON which probably refers to another retailer - a jeweller? There are Chinese characters on the inside of the second tong which may be a maker's mark (or not). I now doubt that any of the pieces salvaged by my family are from Wang Hing. Family photographs from the 1920s show silver in the background connected with garden parties etc. and likewise a couple of racing cups that we no longer have. I'm sure that other contributors to the Gwulo site will have family heirlooms that came from Wang Hing and who will be interested in your website and articles.