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Terminus Fire Station

Terminus Fire Station

I have had the great pleasure to have been contacted by Mr. John Taylor, who lived in Hong Kong and the New Territories as a very young boy. His father, also called John Taylor was posted there with the British Army with REME. They lived for a time in Sek Kong and then moved to live in the Barracks at Victoria Barracks, opposite St.John's Cathedral. the area now know as Hong Kong Park. I met John Taylor in 1978, when we both attended Teachers Training College, (King Alfred's College in Winchester)  where we trained to become PE teachers. 

John Taylor, senior, took many slides which his son has had digitized and which he has shared with me. He has been back to Hong Kong as an adult and has enjoyed visiting many of these places, but of course, they have changed a great deal!



There are lots of interesting scenes to enjoy here - thanks to John for sharing them, and to Bails for uploading them to the website.