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Queens Own 7th Hussars 1954-1957

Queens Own 7th Hussars 1954-1957

This is the only photo (Framed) Garry Cully has relating to his fathers military service in Hong Kong.

       Trooper  Robert Cully, C. Squadron . 7th Queens Own Hussars.  Sek Kong. 1954-1957. From his certificate of service book we know he left England via Troopship (unknown) on 6th Aug. 1954, and arrived back in England on 16 March 1957 via Troopship (unknown) at the end of 3 yrs military service.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1957


"The Seventh Hussars, off to Hong Kong to relieve the 7th Royal Tank Regiment, embarked in the troopship, Cheshire, at Liverpool, to-day."

Source: Halifax Evening Courier, page 5, 6th August 1954

The ship sailed from 4pm (source: Liverpool Echo, page 12, 6th August 1954)   


I thought this amusing description might be interesting (with photo) from a poster on forcesreunited on 21st March 2006:

"Hi Tel...Boy oh Boy!...Have you started a thread with this one...The last one I saw was on another site and it produced some amazing stories and pictures... We sailed out of Liverpool on the MV Cheshire 6th August 1954...What an old tub the Chesire was...The cockroaches were as big as bats and actually FLEW...I used to lie in my bunk at night cowering as they flew about the cabin in the darkness...there was just the 'tick' 'tick' sound of their open shells to let you know where they were...Still the old tub did get us safely to Hong Kong ...Even sailing through the tail end of a typhoon 2 days out of Hong kong...Phew!...were we thankful landlubbers when we did finally disembark on to terra firma...Trev. Last edited by Trevor Chapman"



More than 1,000 troops, with 56 families, all from the Far East, disembarked from the 12,773-ton troopship Devonshire at Liverpool to-day. Most of the troops are returning on leave or for demobilisation."

Source: Liverpool Echo, page 5, 16th March 1957