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Queen's Road in Central

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Queen's Road in Central

Was this photograph made in Hong Kong ?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, November 1, 1869


Yes. The Chas. J. Gaupp & Co., Jewellers, Watch and Chronometer makers, can be seen on the left. The business was started in 1860 and adverts from the 1890s to 1903 located the premises at 54-56 Queens Road, Central and from March 1904 at Alexandra Buildings, Chater Road. 

A branch was opened in Singapore in 1913 but the business was liquidated in 1914. It was a German owned business and WWI may have played a role in its demise as German subjects in Hong Kong were interned from October 1914.

Can the picture be dated? With all the flags out and these portraits of a new king or governor above the entrances.

Hard to see but at the end of the road there appears to be a triumphal arch or pai lau. The buildings on the left can be viewed here but in the opposite direction. However, the 1897 view does not appear to match the original photo.

We are looking at 1st November 1869 potentially. The photo was by John Thomson. 

It was the visit of H.R.H. Prince Alfred Duke of Edinburgh to Hong Kong

In the forefront was the Victoria Exchange building located at 50-52 Queen's Road, Central. So the view is looking west. 

More of the Prince's visit to Hong Kong here in 1869

Similar view looking east was posted on this thread

Nice to pin it down.

Thank you very much for all the information. Just a question out of curiosity, If the Victoria Exchange Building is on the forefront left, then the Post Office should also be located somewhere? Wasn't the postoffice located on the corner with Pedder Street and next to it was the Exchange Building.? How about the right side with the trees ?

Just would like to ask which section approx of Queens Road Central we're looking at.  Thank you very much and have a good evening.