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img650 von foundin_a_attic

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, October 1, 1949


Looking at some of the photos from the author, the above photo would have been taken from one of the houses on Grampian Road. Lion Rock is on the left. In the centre, I think one is looking at Hau Wong Temple (Junction Road) and a Chinese church and cemetery behind it.

La Salle College was taken over by the British Army from 1949-1959 (La Salle College history). Behind the college, Nissen hut were erected, see here, and below.

Rawson HK 15.jpg
Rawson HK 15.jpg, by Gemma W

 So I think the photo was taken from the top of the College Building.

The aerial view of the area can be seen here.

I was thinking of the cemetery behind the Hau Wong Temple to the northeast of Grampian Road.