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Cavendish Heights (First Generation)

Cavendish Heights (First Generation)
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1964


This film still from Ein Sarg aus Hong Kong shows Moorsom Road (or its precursor before being rerouted) with an apartment block in the background. It's the precursor to today's Block 6/7 of Cavendish Heights. Does anyone know its name or can point me to some way of finding an old map (circa 60s) that would have the building name on it?

Any help much appreciated.

The building was numbered 35 & 37 in the Cavendish Heights complex. Here is a map of the area from c1967. The road at the time was Clementi Road. (The numbers and name come from the 1973 version of the same map)

Cavendish Heights 1960s
Cavendish Heights 1960s, by Herostratus


It certainly looks like part of the senior staff quarters of Hong Kong Electric's Cavendish Heights complex from the 1960s. Three or possibly four similar blocks.

Notable for having very deep balconies set back into the apartments where you could sit on winter afternoons sheltered out of the wind and rain.

A friend and his family lived there for many years, 1967 onwards.

this is great, many thanks to you both. I did wonder about the road name as well because it has changed significantly in terms of route since then and I think that the part of the road on the film image is probably part of or close to a section that became the footpath between Moorsom Road and the remainder of Clementi Road up the hill.