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New Territories Meeting Hall or Clan Mansion ?

New Territories Meeting Hall or Clan Mansion ?

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Meanwhile, any ideas re this exterior of a New Territories meeting hall or mansion?



Hi Beylogan, which movie is this image from?

The classic Snake in the Eagle's Shadow! 1978.

It takes a wider shot to better identify that building. With urban development in the last four decades, that building may have long been demolished. Besides, this is not to disappoint you.  This scene may be shot at a studio, so that building is just a set and not an ancestral hall at all. Thank you.

Thanks for your observations! That's about all that's in the movie, unfortunately, and I am aware that its almost certainly been demolished. There is also footage inside the same building. I'm pretty sure its not a studio, as only the very opening of the film was shot on a set. Thanks, again!

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