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Plover Cove waterfall.JPG

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Plover Cove waterfall.JPG

This is the only waterfall in WRF's 1928-1929 album of photos taken mainly in Hong Kong and up and down the China coast. It's not a very dramatic waterfall - dry season perhaps? I don't know if it's Bride's Pool waterfall or if it is connected with the photo of "Waterfall Cove"


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1929


The Bride's Pool Nature Trail comprises the Bride's Pool Waterfall and the Mirror Pool Waterfall (see here ) which are quite spectacular during the rainy season.

Long View

1929 Mirror Pool Waterfall
1929 Mirror Pool Waterfall, by William Richard Fell

Focus on the the right side of the waterfall and the note the rock with 2 dark lines, one horizontal and the other diagonal. See below in the centre.

1929 Mirror Pool Waterfall (RS Rocks Blow-Up)
1929 Mirror Pool Waterfall (RS Rocks Blow-Up), by William Richard Fell

 The current view of the same set of rocks at the Mirror Pool Waterfall below.

2020 Mirror Pool (RS Rocks Blow-up)
2020 Mirror Pool (RS Rocks Blow-up), by moddsey

Thank you moddsey for this irrefutable comparison between 1929 and 2020. Wonderful that rocks don't change.

I'm still wondering if so-called "Waterfall Cove" has anything to do with Bride's Pool or Mirror Pool. From the swimming costumes in WRF's "Waterfall Cove" photo, it's clearly not the same occasion as the Bride's Pool photo.

The photo sequence in the photo album may give an indication of the  "before and after" order for the "Waterfall Cove" photo.


It would be nice if the sticker-in could be relied on for a perfectly chronological sequence. I'm guilty myself of fitting a non-sequential photo into a space that happens to be the right size for it. For example an Armistice Day photo just labelled 11 November 1928 in WRF's album is fitted into a 1929 page where there was a good space for it. The photos are all different sizes.

If it helps, the "Waterfall Cove" photo is on the same page as the "Restoring Plover Cove 1929" photo, so it can't be the same cove. The other Plover Cove photos are several pages earlier in the album, but still 1929. I've had to do a lot of Googling to find out if particular bays portrayed are in China or Hong Kong, but I haven't found Waterfall Cove.