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Flying Doctor Trip. 24:12:1977 (9).jpg

Flying Doctor Trip. 24:12:1977 (9).jpg

Arrived at Cheung Sheung. There were no requirements here.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, December 24, 1977


The building shown in the photo taken when the Flying Doctor visited the village at Cheung Sheung on the X'mas Eve in 1977 was the rural school there. It was named "博愛公立學校" (Pok Oi Public School) and the school name was vaguely visible behind the trees planted in front of the school. That's why the flying doctor was welcomed by no one - it's the X'mas holidays!

O course, like most of the rural schools in the New Territories, this school has long been deserted.

Here's a similar view from a few years earlier:

1969 Pok Oi Public School = 博愛公立學校
1969 Pok Oi Public School = 博愛公立學校, by eat_see