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View of trench

View of trench
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, December 8, 2019


Thanks for the photos. Does it show one of the trenches marked on this map?

Hi there.

Yes it does, it’s (Trench at Pak Shui Wun beach), it’s yellow marker.

Tyson Ng

Great. we can link the photo to the Place page so readers can know where the photo was taken.

Before we do that, I notice we've got two "Trench at Pak Shui Wan beach" pages:

If they're duplicates, please let me know and I'll delete one of them.

Regards, David

Hey there again

yes, they indeed are duplicates because I forgot to add the tags so I for some reason decided to make another site, please delete them.

Best regards, Tyson

Thaks, I've deleted the second page.