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Miniature plane "Miss Tricity" 1

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Miniature plane "Miss Tricity" 1

The plane was suspended from a long cable and 'flew' down the valley. Designed by Raymond Smith.

This particular plane did not survive the war but was replaced by another afterwards.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1939


The plane was replaced with a Spitfire type after the war and you can see an 8mm film of it at my FB page. I do not know how to post it here but if advised would be pleased tp do so.

Thanks, Alan. I think you just need to copy the address of the video in your Facebook page and paste it into a new comment on this post. If it doesn't immediately show as a hyperlink, try selecting the text and clicking on the 'link' button (third from the right on the middle row of icons above). Will be interested to see it!

Home movie made by my Dad JK (Sconnie) Sloan an engineer with HKEC from before the war and until he retire in the mid sixties. We lived at Causeway Bay Hill, North Point power station Twice, Jardine's Lookout while he was with them. The Spitfire was a great attaction at the Ming Yuen Rec club every year. The club house was extemely popular as it had Tennis courts, Bowling green, a swimming pool with diving boards and a Club houes, I seem to remember that a river ran down the side of the grounds but no idea where it went.

Hope you can see the movie which not the best quality but is viewable. Hope some of the parents of us all are visable.

Thanks Alan, that's a great view of the plane in action! Please do you know which year the film was taken?

The best I can estimate the date of the Video of the spitfire is about 1953 to 1955.