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Titania Hong Four.jpg

Titania Hong Four.jpg

This is a very crumpled photo at the very beginning of WRF's 1928-1929 album. I was going to relate it to https://gwulo.com/atom/34562 and the 23 March 1929 Hong Fours one mile race, but I see that WRF has labelled the photo 1928. Was this an annual event? Yes - moddsey has confirmed this in his following posting of the relevant newspaper reports.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, April 28, 1928


The Yacht Club's Closing Cruise was held on 28 April 1928. The programme included sailing and rowing races. One of the featured rowing races was the 4th Submarine Flotilla Cup beween Hong and Services Fours over a one mile course. Details of the rowing races can be viewed here and here

Many thanks for pinpointing the 1928 event moddsey. I've corrected the date. It's excellent to have the newspaper reports on both the 1928 and the 1929 events now.

Looking at the articles from Moddsey, I think the buildings in this scene were part of the North Point Power Station, with the Yacht Club's buildings out of sight to the right.